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Learn to Lucid Dream

Description: Class - Learn To Lucid Dream

Learn to become aware while you are asleep and dreaming and open up a whole new world of possibilities limited only by your imagination.

Experience the amazing world that your mind conjures up for you while you sleep, overcome nightmares or take control and create your own adventures in a world without limits.

This ability to consciously explore the inner workings of your own mind will allow you to become the master of your subconscious by eliminating irrational fears and negative thinking habits from the inside and developing a direct link with your inner self.

Spaces are limited so booking through our website is recommended (cost: Free - £10.00). Alternatively please get in touch through Meetup or the Contact link on my website if you'd like to pay by other means, pay on the night, require a concession or genuinely can't afford the fee.

To book your place or for more info please visit:
Location: Wellspring Room
Date: Thursday, 13 September 2018
Time: 18:45-20:45 BST
Duration: 2 hours