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Healing through Self-Knowledge - Athroposophy

Description: There are many spiritual streams and paths in the world today and they vary in their purposes and approaches. Anthroposophy could be described as a spiritual journey in search of our individuality, our humanity and our universality. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) developed the foundations for this spiritual-scientific journey through intuitive thinking, applied to the real world. With the growing abyss between our humanity and world materialism, this path is becoming ever more relevant and challenging.

In a series of five evening workshops, repeated next year, we will explore some foundational practices and ideas of Anthroposophy. The aim is to inform and inspire you through direct experience and dialogue. The workshops are especially suitable if you know very little about Anthroposophy, have an open mind and are searching for your own answers.

Our next event will be facilitated by Janice Hutchinson. Janice had a long career as a teacher of Physics and Maths in both Steiner and mainstream schools,. She currently runs a study/practice group 'working with will' that focuses on the six basic excercises, given by Rudolf Steiner.

7:30-9:30 pm @Salisbury Centre Studio (upstairs)
Salisbury Road, Edinburgh

Dates as follows (feel free to come to one or more):

Past events:
(1. Seeing the world artistically: introduction to spiritual science using plant observation and drawing of natural objects 7 Sept 2017. Some photos at

Coming up now:
2. Foundations for spiritual development: six basic exercises 19 Oct 2017).
3. Know Thyself: beyond the physical body (Eurythmy with consciousness of the cosmos) 2 Nov 2017
4. Speaking out of the future: creative speech and healing dialogue 7 Dec 2017
5. Towards spiritual freedom: creative exploration of Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom and Calendar of the Soul 18 Jan 2018

£8 / £5 (unwaged) - per workshop

For information:
Anthroposophy in Edinburgh:
Location: Studio
Further Information: Teacher/Event Details
Date: Thursday, 3 May 2018
Time: 19:30-21:30 BST
Duration: 2 hours