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Tuesday, 29 January 2019
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17:00 [17:00] Wassail
You're very much invited to take part in a wassailing celebration among the fruit trees in the Salisbury Centre's wonderful garden! A WHAT-ail?! :-) An apple wassail, or "apple howling", is a celebration traditionally carried out at the end of winter to wake up the fruit trees, toast to their health and encourage a good harvest for the autumn. The tradition goes back a long way: the first recorded mention of apple wassailing was in Kent in 1585. There aren't any historic records of Scottish wassails, but it's never too late to create a good tradition! Different community orchards in Scotland have been holding wassailing celebrations over the past 5 years. Since there are various lovely apple and other fruit trees in the Salisbury garden, we thought they could do with a wee wassail and a welcoming of Spring! What to expect? The evening will be hosted by the Salisbury Centre and the Mindful Singing group that meets monthly. We'll prepare a big pot of soup, some warm mulled cider/apple juice and other apple-treats... We'll make sure to light a big fire and have some traditional wassailing songs to share as well as some fun wassailing activities. Bring yourself, kids and friends, and if you want you can bring along any of the following: Apple-y drinks/treats Pots and pans and other utensils to make noise with (to chase the evil spirits away from the orchard, as is the tradition! You may dress in scary costumes for the above-mentioned purpose too) Lanterns/glass jars with tea lights to put around and light up the garden A hat (an essential attribute for one of the wassailing songs) Ribbons / wool yarn / other bits to decorate the fruit trees A donation to cover the costs of the event and contribute towards the Salisbury Centre’s work going forward. All welcome - please spread the word. You can e-mail Olga at if you have any questions or to let us know you're coming.

[19:30] Mindful singing
Mindful Singing with Sarah Ann,Sarah, and Kristine Come and connect with song, nature, and the stillness that surrounds the music. Through simple harmonies and rounds, mostly related to the seasons, we can find our voices together and enjoy the ease of sounding. Whether you're completely new to singing or have much experience already - everyone is welcome! This is a joint initiative of Sarah-Ann Askew, Sarah Parkes and Kristine Mackenzie-Janson - each of us inspired to sing with others in a co-created space which celebrates the shared experience and the simple joy of song and silence. Suggested donation: £5-8