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Sunday, 14 October 2018
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11:00 [11:00] Know Yourself exploring the oneness of Being through oneself
The Library at The Salisbury Centre 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB Sundays from 11am to 1pm 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month October 2018–January 2019 Supported and sponsored by The Beshara Trust a UK educational charity founded in 1971 Reg. nos. 296769 England & Wales, SC039933 Scotland Oct 14 & 28 * Nov 11 & 25 * Dec 9 * Jan 13 &27 £5 per session or by donation Each session in the series will incorporate study, meditation and group discussion, allowing all the participants to share their experiences and their insights. Although each session is complete in itself, attending more of them may help to develop a deeper awareness of the Oneness of Being, and the double understanding that the One, the Unique Existence, underpins and enlightens all knowledge of oneself. Everyone is invited to develop their own understanding of the invitation to know oneself, as presented in the series title, and of the course materials. Two facilitators will guide and support the course participants in their understanding of the content.

19:00 [19:30] Transmission Meditation
TRANSMISSION – A MEDITATION FOR THE NEW AGE ~ Introductory Workshop Sunday 25 March, 7.30pm-9.00pm Do you want to help the world and also build a stronger connection with your own spiritual nature? Transmission Meditation is a simple form of group meditation for the purpose of ‘stepping down’ (transforming) spiritual energies, which thus become accessible and useful to the general public and the planet. It is a form of service, in co-operation with the Masters of Wisdom, and is at the same time a powerful means of personal growth. It is a combination of two yogas: Karma Yoga (yoga of service) and Laya Yoga (yoga of energy or chakras). This introductory workshop will explain the aims, technique and results of transmission meditation and participants will be able to take part in a group meditation. Free admission. Beginners welcome. No previous experience required. Contact: Share International / Edinburgh Transmission Meditation Group SHARING = JUSTICE = PEACE Share International is a non-profit educational organization, not affiliated with any specific ideology, that connects world events to a bigger story: the public emergence of a group of spiritual teachers at this critical time. At their head is Maitreya, the World Teacher. He comes not as a religious teacher, but as an educator in the broadest sense for people of all faiths and of none. His mission is to inspire the creation of a new civilization based on sharing, justice and peace.*