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Sunday, 15 April 2018
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09:00 [09:00] Elders Gathering for The Earth, with Constance Washburn
Conscious Elders Network Elders Gathering for The Earth, with Constance Washburn Sunday April 15 10am to 1pm. Tea and coffee from 9.45am. £10 suggested donation. Tickets at the door, or in advance from The Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB An interactive workshop in the Work That Reconnects and an introduction to the Conscious Elders Network Drawing from deep ecology, systems theory and spiritual traditions, the Work That Reconnects builds motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture. First emerging in 1978, this pioneering work has its roots in the teachings and experiential methods of the writer and eco-philosopher Joanna Macy. Conscious Elders Network (Cen) is an organization fostering a movement of vital elders, dedicated to growing in consciousness while actively addressing the demanding challenges facing our world. We work inter-generationally for social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and sound governance. Constance Washburn M.A., is an activist, educator, director and facilitator. She and Molly Young Brown, co-author of Coming Back to Life – Guide to the Work That Reconnects, have been leading retreats and workshops in Northern California since 2013. She is a founding member of the Conscious Elders Network, a Buddhist practitioner and a Community Dharma Leader. Read more: Work that Reconnects Conscious Elders Network Constance Washburn

14:00 [14:00] Feldenkrais Method - with Jackie Adkins
Feldenkrais Method Edinburgh Workshop Series - 2018 with Jackie Adkins Experiencing connectedness throughout our whole self can bring a greater sense of freedom, articulacy and groundedness to everyday life as well as to specialised activities such as yoga, sports, playing a musical instrument or horse riding. While each workshop takes a different area of the body as a starting point, throughout the lessons you are continually developing your ability to attend to a specific part in relationship to the whole. The series offers the possibility to explore the Feldenkrais Method in a more concentrated way - deepening your self awareness and expanding your options in movement and life. However, you can come to one, some or all of the workshops. Mobilising Pelvis & Legs Saturday 14 April 2-6pm Freeing Shoulders & Chest Sunday 15 April 2-6pm Releasing Jaw & Spine Saturday 20 October 2-6pm Articulating Knees & Feet Sunday 21 October 2-6pm Venue: Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB Cost: £50 per workshop; £96 for 2; £138 for 3; £176 for 4 Booking: Email Jackie at or call on 07527-805138 More information: The Feldenkrais Method is a uniquely subtle, yet powerful, way of learning about ourselves through the medium of movement. It can permanently improve our posture, balance & co-ordination, awakening our innate capacity for vitality.