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Wednesday, 24 January 2018
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14:00 [14:00] Sufi Healing Hour with Fateah Alice Saunders
Sufi Healing Hour at the Salisbury Centre twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday at 2.00 pm (but please turn up early for a prompt start) Led by Fateah Alice Saunders The Healing Ritual - also called the Healing Service - was given to his close followers by Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan during the early years of the 20th century, and may be carried out by trained healing conductors in the Dervish Healing Order and other Hazrati healing orders. It takes about 20 mins, providing meditative and contemplative space, interwoven with prayers, for participants to attune to peace and healing before names are read out, one by one, of 10 people who have requested healing. As each name is read we keep in mind sacred words of healing with the meaning: O Divine Healer, please send remedy for what is needed. Places on the earth suffering devastation as a result of conflict, earthquake, flood etc. may also be sent healing. Prior to the above, we prepare ourselves in a variety of ways, notably through breath purification practices, singing sacred phrases and repeating sacred words. At the start, participants are invited to offer names of friends or relatives who have requested spiritual healing. If you have someone in mind before attending Sufi Healing Hour please be sure to ask that person first. Exceptions are for a small child when a parent may request the child’s name to be included. Also for a very elderly or ill person no longer able to take that decision for her/himself, a relative or close friend may request on their behalf. Please also note that the name of a person who has recently passed may be included if requested by a close friend or relative. In this case we focus on a peaceful transition. If anyone reading this would like healing for her/himself, please send an e-mail to Fateah giving your full name and a few words just to indicate whether healing may be required long-term. Participants at Sufi Healing Hour may not be included among the 10 names. However, participants usually do notice various benefits for themselves after attending Sufi Healing Hour, especially if attendance is regular.

18:00 [18:45] Astral Projection Class - Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep States
Explore this amazing ability that allows you to project your awareness into realms beyond your mind. We will look at the unique states of consciousness associated with the sleeping/ dreaming mind. Specifically the phenomena of sleep paralysis and dreams. Becoming aware during these natural states - which all of us experience every night – can be used to our advantage as a gateway into astral projection. We’ll also explore the use of lucid dreaming as a training ground for the experiences that will arise on your journey into other dimensions. Spaces are limited so booking through the website is recommended (cost: Free - £10.00). Alternatively please get in touch if you'd like to pay by other means, pay on the night, require a concession or genuinely can't afford the fee. To book your place please visit: Please feel free to join us on Meetup: or