The Salisbury Centre
2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB      0131 667 5438


We dedicate this space to the spiritual, psychological and creative growth of all who come here.

Within the heart of the Salisbury Centre lies a vision of Oneness: the integration of the essence of spiritual traditions with psychological growth. The Sufi invocation of Hazrat Inayat Khan opened meditations held by the original residents, expressing their commitment to the fundamental principle on which the Centre was based, the deep interconnectedness of all life. The Centre was dedicated to the integration of Body, Mind(Psyche) and Spirit: Spirit through meditation and study of texts, Mind through Dr Winifred Rushforth 's work with dreams and expressing Psyche through arts and crafts, and physical wellbeing through disciplines like Tai Chi and Yoga and activities such as gardening. These three streams continue to find expression today, different aspects of the Body/Mind/Spirit triune, the Salisbury Centre logo.

Toward the One
The Perfection of
Love, Harmony & Beauty,
The Only Being, 

United with all the
Illuminated Souls
Who form the embodiment

of the Master,

The Spirit of Guidance


A commentary on the meaning of the invocation can be found on this website

Though the current trustees of the Salisbury Centre fully agree with the meaning and sentiments of the above, we have found that it may give the impression that the Salisbury Centre is a Sufi Centre. We want to make it clear that the Centre is open in its approach and is not focussed on any specific religion or practice.

Our Mission Statement is:

The Salisbury Centre exists to create a dynamic spiritual centre which provides for the City of Edinburgh by offering courses and experiences that actively support and encourage the development of responsibility and service to the community. Our programmes are varied and accessible in order to offer people the opportunity to find their own spiritual path.

Therefore we have adopted this dedication:

We dedicate this space to the spiritual, psychological and creative growth of all who come here.

However, we do not require anyone to actively use a dedication in their work in the Centre.