The Salisbury Centre
2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB      0131 667 5438



Type of organisation
1 The organisation will, upon registration, be a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).

Scottish principal office
2 The principal office of the organisation will be in Scotland (and must remain in Scotland).

3 The name of the organisation is "The Salisbury Centre".

4 The organisation's purposes are:

4.1 To provide education, training and support for the development of personal growth, spiritual practice, creativity, self-discipline and responsible living for individuals and in the community.

4.2 The provision of and research into spiritual, psychological and physical healing to those in need.

4.3 The relief and prevention of suffering caused by mental and physical ill-health or by social or economic circumstances.

5 The organisation has power to do anything which is calculated to further its purposes or is conducive or incidental to doing so. In particular it may:

5.1 Provide meetings, courses, lectures, retreats, meditations, therapies and any other activity whatsoever which may be conducive to the advancement of any or all of the foregoing objects, and to provide the facilities to support these activities.

5.2 To provide a still and quiet environment for meditation, reflection and the nurturing of body, mind and spirit.

5.3 To provide activities, facilities and support for the individual and collective expression of creativity and joy.

5.4 To explore community living both as a way of achieving the objects and as an example of conscious and caring co- operation between people.

5.5 To co-operate consciously with any other organisation having similar objectives

6 No part of the income or property of the organisation may be paid or transferred (directly or indirectly) to the members - either in the course of the organisation's existence or on dissolution - except where this is done in direct furtherance of the organisation's charitable purposes.