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Introduction to Zhineng Qigong

Description: A series of three introductory workshops run by Chris Watkins for people interested in practicing and learning more about the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong, in particular the Zhineng form developed by Dr Pang Ming.

19:00 - 18:15

Cost per session:
Concession £5.00

Places are limited so please phone or email Chris to reserve your place:
Mobile 07760665597


Is an ancient Chinese health care

system that integrates physical

postures, breathing techniques and

focused intention. It creates an

awareness of and influences

dimensions of our being that are not

part of traditional exercise programs.

The gentle, rhythmic movements of

Qigong reduce stress, build stamina,

increase vitality, and enhance the

immune system.


Is a medical system of qigong

developed by Dr. Ming Pang in the

1970s and 1980s as a synthesis of

many ancient lineages of Chinese

healing practices. This style of

qigong was originally developed for

use in the world’s largest Chinese

"medicine-less hospital", and is now

practiced widely throughout the

world. The style employs a

comprehensive system of qigong

m o v e m e n t , m e d i t a t i o n ,

visualisation, sound vibration

healing, chanting, and spiritual

awareness techniques for healing.



I have been practicing various forms

of Qigong for over twenty years.

During this time Qigong has helped

me to restore my health and inner

calm in times of stress and illness

and has aided me in finding a

p e r s p e c t i v e o n l i f e ' s m a n y

challenges and difficulties.

I came across Zhineng Qigong in

2015 and have been concentrating

on this particular form ever since.

Following two retreats led by

Chinese teachers from the Zhineng

School in China, I enrolled with the

Three Monkeys School of Qigong's

Teacher Training Programme.


These introductory workshops form

part of my on-going training.

Chris Watkins
Location: Studio
Date: Monday, 3 April 2017
Time: 18:45-20:45 GMT
Duration: 2 hours