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Saturday, 19 August 2017
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14:00 [14:00] Reclaiming our Personal Sovereignty
We are entering a critical period in the rise of the Feminine, and we’re all standing at our own Doorways to Sovereignty. It IS time to reveal our Sovereign Selves. So, we’re coming to Scotland. Authors Moira Mac, and Dee Light will be in holding robust discussions at The Salisbury Centre on the evening of 17th August and the afternoon of 19th, exploring how to reclaim our personal Sovereignty in this year of change, 2017. Their books, ‘Soul Whispers, Healing the Family Tree’ and ‘The Gorgeous Revolution’ form the cornerstone of the discussions. Moira Mac has been described as an empath, alchemist and author. She grew up on the East Coast of Scotland but moved to the East Coast of Australia, the land of the Dreamtime. This powerful combination has led to a profound spiritual awakening, that taught Moira how the experiences of her ancestors are encoded in her DNA and every aspect of her life. Her ground- breaking Gene Code Elixir is to be launched in August. Dee Light is the CEO of Manifesto of Light, an ultra- natural skincare and perfume company whose high frequency Rose Serum champions the world finest Rose absolutes. Her story is a poignant and contemporary explanation of women and their bodies, the competitive world of beauty and the steps required to free ourselves to embrace our personal Sovereignty. Her timely message is a call to freedom and self -love beyond current perception. Dee will be launching her Rose Serum and Moira’s Venus Codes in August as well. With over 12 decades of life experience between them, Moira and Dee are seasoned speakers, and have been directed to choose Scotland as the launch pad for their timely messages. You can find Dee’s TEDX talk at . Without a New Age reference in sight, they promise to provoke and inspire, and bring light to our audience with our sunny Australian humour, and welcome the opportunity to share our combined wisdom. And not just for women, men are right at the forefront too. Both books, The Gene Code Elixir, Then Venus Code Elixir and The Rose Serum will be available for sale at each discussion. Moira and Dee encourage all of those interested to attend, attendance is free but please enrol via the Facebook event pages at