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Sunday, 6 August 2017
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  [All day event] NO Sunday Lunch in August!
No Sunday Lunch in August and September So the next dates are: 2 July and then 1 October, etc.

09:00 [09:30] Edinburgh Meditation Circle of Self-Realization Fellowship (Rob Elliot)
The main goal of each SRF group is to meet in order to meditate together. The group meditation may be helpful for those who are making a spiritual effort to achieve calmness, concentration and devotion, which are necessary to seek God. SRF is a religious, non-profit organisation, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in Los Angeles in 1920. You are very welcome to join our meditation. Please call or write to Sue&Rob Elliot for more information and to let us know you are coming, so that we can welcome you. Tel (Sue&Rob): 01750 722243 Email:

13:00 [13:00] Summer Deep Clean - Open Volunteer Day
It's nearly August - time for our annual Summer Deep Clean! Many of our friends comment on the welcoming energy at The Salisbury Centre. Over the summer when the Edinburgh Festivals give us a bit of a breather, we - with the help of our friends - like to replenish this welcoming energy and create a clean and inviting space for new beginnings and returning friends. This year we hope to build on the success of our Deep Clean days of the past two years by extending it to more rooms. We have set aside Sunday 6 August for an afternoon of intensive cleaning and tidying of the Studio, Kitchen and Library. We'll start the day at 1pm with a Bring and Share Lunch. After a few hours of cleaning, we hope to close the day with a bonfire in the rear garden, and dinner will be served. So pop in any time from 1pm. Any amount of time you can offer will be much appreciated. What to bring? Food to share if you are joining us for lunch at 1pm Protective clothing (gloves, overalls, facemask) if you wish A willingness to get a little dirty! Got any questions? Please email Thank you for caring for The Salisbury Centre!

18:00 [18:00] Satsang with Ragi Kadirgamar
You are invited to discover your nature as Consciousness through an experiential journey. Offer yourself 5 evenings of learning, self-reflection and healing to recharge your body and mind. Non Duality / Advaita points towards the understanding of our fundamental nature by direct experience, towards that place we have never left, towards what we are but do not recognize. Have you ever asked questions like, "Who am I really? What is life is all about? Can suffering in my life end?" All of us have the answers within ourselves. These Advaita satsangs explore how the Spiritual Knowing, which has always been present in us, can become conscious, and be integrated into our daily life. By deeply inquiring and understanding our personal life story, conditioning and experiences, we can realize our True Nature, resulting in an end to emotional and psychological suffering, a life of inner peace. Ragi’s Background: Ragi has been guiding spiritual seekers to the discovery of their true nature for 10 years, offering meditation and self-awareness groups since 2005, and Advaita Talks, ‘Satsang’, over the last six years. He met his Guru Ramesh Balsekar in 2004 in Bombay, and now shares with spiritual seekers from his direct experience, and the teachings received from the Gurus. The concepts and teachings are also influenced by the sages Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Ragi also offers one to one sessions, Skype Satsang / Talks, personal & organizational development coaching, and continues part time his former career as an architect. Satsangs in Edinburgh: Wednesday 2nd - Sunday 8th Aug 6-8pm Exchange: £12 For details on venues please contact us. Email:, (organiser) For more information on the Advaita spiritual teachings please visit: Blog: Web site: